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Tight Spaces

Project Description:

Tight Spaces is an immersive art installation that reveals the negative impact of urbanization and calls for sustainable, human-centric city designs. The inflatable sculpture symbolizes the tight and confining spaces of high-density developments that encroach on natural areas and create a sense of isolation. By evoking these themes, “Tight Spaces” prompts viewers to reflect on the need for more thoughtful and equitable urban development. The sculpture highlights the importance of prioritizing the needs of people and the environment, and serves as a poignant reminder of our collective responsibility to steward the land and resources we have been entrusted with. In this way, “Tight Spaces” serves as a powerful symbol of the urgent need for sustainable and equitable urban development.

Artist: Roda Medhat

Roda Medhat is a Kurdish-Canadian artist, currently based in Toronto, Ontario. He obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from OCAD University and also honed his skills in film production at FAMU Film and Television School in Prague. Roda designs sculptures that transcend the confines of formal art institutions. His creative vision often explores the complexities of living between cultures. Through his art, Roda seeks to bridge cultural divides and promote a sense of shared human experience.