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Nuit Blanche

Nuit Blanche is back @ STACKT.

Come explore an entire city block of immersive art experience. Over 20 art installations and exhibits to discover by Canada's most talented artists.


Oleos + Canvas by Marcos Mena Cruz: Contemporary art gallery with the purpose of promoting and commercializing contemporary and emerging Cuba

People's Museum Of North Korea by HanVoice: Working with North Korean refugees, HanVoice has recreated an immersive North Korean marketplace. Featuring work by a North Korean refugee artist, the exhibit offers powerful stories from North Korean millennials about daily life in North Korea’s markets.

Your Life Matters by Tristan Sauer: A collection of wearable art tech pieces critiquing the lengths protestors have to take to safely interact with police and the intersections between social justice and capitalism.

Gypsum Lamp by Tamara Solem Alissa: A large scale interactive reading lamp that invites guests to lean against and sit underneath it.

Hands Up (Because you want to) by JBV Creative: Interactive installation challenging the notion of blindly following our way through life by transforming a simple gesture into an act of defiance and personal expression. It's a reminder that raising our hands is our choice.

The Gift Shop by Imani Dominique: Inspired by the aesthetics of local record stores, “The Gift Shop” is an interactive and immersive art gallery selling prints from over 30 local QTBIPOC artists and creating an environment that is conducive to art exploration and discovery.

Carapace by Michelle Cieloszczyk: Carapace is part of a series of sculptures made from semi-translucent blue silicone casts attached to a ribcage-like metal structure for support. To create the sculptures, bulletproof vests are moulded and the casts are joined together to resemble the protective outer armour of animals and insects.

Light of Day by Sadiq Awosanmi: Photography exhibit and love letter to the city of infinite stories, a testament to the harmonious interplay between the tangible and the intangible. It is an ode to the delicate dance between shadows and light, heartache and joy, solitude and connection.

INSCRIBED MOTION by CEK: An interactive art installation that bridges the gap between kinetic art and literary expression.

Tight Spaces by Roda Medhat: An immersive art installation that reveals the negative impact of urbanization and calls for sustainable, human-centric city designs. The inflatable sculpture symbolizes the tight and confining spaces of high-density developments that encroach on natural areas and create a sense of isolation.

Traces of Us by IC Contemporary: A multi-disciplinary exhibition that introduces six diasporic communities to the City of Toronto through immersive installations of sound, film, sculpture, textile, painting, 3D renderings, and virtual reality.

The Spontaneous Prose Store by Kaile H. Glick: Get a poem on a topic of your choosing on-the-spot in less time than it takes to smoke a cigarette.

The Sentinel Queen by Kizmet: Mother of the Sentinels. She has analyzed your data and knows all of your darkest reflections. Her children roam the Universe in search of planets to enslave and offer to her as tribute. Earth has become her personal realm, and we her posessions.

Soundscapes by KARL SKENE x WABI: Embark on a journey through the convergence of sight and sound, where art transcends traditional boundaries and immerses the audience in a multi-sensory experience.

CYBERNETIC 3.0 by Joy: Portraits projection mapped onto inflatable spheres compel audiences to confront the ramifications of systemic racism within AI technology.

The Slinky: A giant LED "Slinky" presented by PROMISE.


Experience Toronto transformed by artists at Nuit Blanche – a dazzling all-night celebration of contemporary art. Explore neighbourhoods in Etobicoke, downtown and Scarborough and enjoy ground-breaking projects across the city by local, national and international artists.

This year’s theme, Breaking Ground, invites artist to explore ideas centred around the natural world, change and innovation, through curated exhibitions, independent projects and installations by participating cultural institutions.