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Crokicurl is BACK for another season @ stackt.

A blend of the Canadian classic game curling and crokinole, Crokicurl will be set up on a massive 40 x 40 ice rink at stackt + is a fully accessible game that your friends + fam can all enjoy.

Basic Information

+ Bookings are for groups of 2-8. Individual players can be added (up to 20) for an extra fee per head.

+ $85 on weekdays, $95 on weekends + evenings

+ A ticket gets your group 45 minutes of game time

+ Access to the Belgian Moon Brewery to have a snack, drink + keep you toasty

+ A dedicated host to keep score, retrieve the rocks + explain the rules

+ In the event of cancellation due to weather, guests will be notified by 10AM on the day of their booking + offered a new time slot.