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Virtual Escape Room

The Omega Protocol is a 3D Virtual Escape Room for teams, centred around the premise of a group of rogue scientists whose experiments to prolong the human lifespan have gone horribly wrong... unleashing the rise of the walking dead. As part of a team, you must race through a series of puzzles spread over 3 unique levels, in your quest to contain the spread and uncover the antidote before time runs out!

This Virtual Escape Room is a 3D environment rendered in 8K UHD, using the latest technology to put you and your teammates (via ZOOM) in a first-person perspective, as you explore 3 built-from-scratch locales along your journey to save humanity. Challenge yourselves to collaborate and solve a variety of puzzles in pursuit of catching the culprits before time runs out. With content to suit all levels of experience and difficulty, this Virtual Escape Room will leave everyone exhilarated with a satisfying conclusion.

Join us for your chance to save the world!