We believe that contemporary public space can be a place of inspiration + connection. We deliver art + community experiences that offer vibrant energy through tapping into creative resources from across the world. We aim to provide ongoing discovery of unconventional
artistic expression + shared meaningful moments.


An active learning project, the Greenscaping program invites the local community to explore
how plants + flowers could naturally integrate into the stackt footprint.

Approached with a purpose to encourage plant life to exist + thrive in a man-made material construct + illustrate an inspirational message of its importance to our urban ecosystem.

The program introduces site-specific designs, explores ranges of flora & fauna life cycles, + encourages community participation throughout to site with scalable programming to inspire.

North Hall Gallery

The North Hall Gallery is curated by Cry Baby Gallery.

Current exhibit: The People's Museum of North Korea


Canadians only know North Korea by its missile testing or leader – all of which give North Korea a monolithic + caricatured image. While the country’s laws and regime remain constant, the North Korean people are constantly evolving, defying the regime to consume + distribute smuggled content + media at unprecedented levels.

Our museum exists to dismantle outdated + disempowering narratives of North Korea while elevating the voices of the North Korean people. We hope to inspire Canadian audiences in reimagining a new North Korea: made in the image of its people, not its leader.

The People's Museum of North Korea raises funds for HanVoice’s new private sponsorship program which allows Canadians to privately sponsor + resettle North Korean refugees in Canada. The historic program presents an opportunity for North Koreans, who have undergone an arduous 5,000-kilometre journey to escape the harsh brutalities of a dictatorship, to start life anew.

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