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Pink my Brows!

Threading.bar has partnered with Rethink Breast Cancer. 10% from all Pink my brows! and Good together! henna tint and eyebrow threading experience, will be donated to Rethink Breast Cancer during the month of October, with a minimum donation of $1,500.

Pink my brows! will be offered every weekend in October, where the community can choose to flaunt full pink brows or a pared down version of the full pink brows in support of Rethink’s mission.

Threading.bar offers curated experiences to engage with more natural methods of facial hair grooming. At Threading.bar neither tools nor care products are shared across appointments. Good Together packages, starting at $70

Pink my brows! with make-up and after-care package to cleanse and calm, after. 10% of all appointments of Pink my brows! donated to Rethink

- Pink my brows! Yes, all of it CA$35.00

- Pink my brows! Just the wings please CA$25.00

10% of appointments in October 2020 will be donated to Rethink

- Good together! CA$70.00 Henna tint and eyebrow threading


Pink my brows! offered 03.10.20 to 31.10.20, every weekend, 12pm to 7pm

Good together! henna tint and eyebrow threading offered 12pm-7pm, Tuesday to Sunday