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Build Your Career Brand

Have you ever thought about your career brand? It’s what shapes how people think about you within the context of your work. A great career brand shares important information with your target audience. Who are you? What do you do? What makes you stand out from others with the same skill set? For professionals, having a clear and compelling career brand is critical for building an online presence that attracts potential clients.

A great career brand is built with content marketing material that you publish online for the world to read. The biggest challenge for most professionals is knowing what to write about!

Register for the Build Your Career Brand With Strategic Key Messaging workshop with Rebecca Perrin at BMO stackt on March 31st at noon and learn how to write your career brand.

You’ll learn how to:

● Write key messages that perfectly describe who you are and what you do

● Develop an impact statement that will resonate with clients

● Uncover your number one point of difference from others in your industry

● You’ll learn how to convert your key messages into a personalized marketing kit that you can use for self-promotion and sales

About the presenter:
Rebecca Perrin is a strategic communications consultant with 15 years of professional experience as a writer for some of Canada’s leading lifestyle media brands, like FLARE, Fashion Magazine, CBC Life, and Notable. Today, she helps competitive brands build owned content libraries with creative material that sells. Rebecca writes ebooks, blogs, keynote presentations, sales decks, and LinkedIn profiles — everything a business owner needs to deliver the right message to the right audience with clear messaging.