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Tai Chi with Eti Greenberg

Not only is Tai Chi fun and relaxing (and easy to get into) but it can be effective therapy for a wide range of health problems (back pain, arthritis, poor circulation etc.). It can improve balance and energy level. It can also be interesting to study Tai Chi.

We encourage people to wear comfortable loose-fitting clothes and soft shoes. Bring a yoga mat for stretches on the ground. Each class lasts about 1 hour starting with fifteen to twenty minutes of warm up exercise including meridian stretches. The rest of the time is devoted to learning the moves of the set. The whole set takes fifteen to twenty minutes to complete when people become familiar with the moves.

Tai Chi cultivates both body and mind to restore and maintain good health. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese exercise for health. It consists of slow and graceful movements that relax and strengthen both body and mind. Tai Chi is an art form based on the philosophy of return to a natural state of health and well being. Chang San-feng, a sage who lived in the 11th century (Sung dynasty), is recognized as the originator of Tai Chi as a formal system. Today Tai Chi is one of the world's most popular exercises and is practiced by millions of people of all ages.

The Tai Chi which I practice has an extra degree of stretching and turning in each movement, placing the emphasis on health improvement. With diligent practice, this type of movement produces a profound effect on all systems of the body by reducing tension, improving circulation, and increasing strength and flexibility. In time the internal aspects of the art of Tai Chi penetrate deeper than the muscles to benefit the entire physiology. The Tai Chi set consists of 108 moves.

Happening every Tuesday at 6:00pm - 7:00pm on the South Lawn