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SPFX March Break Day Camp

If your child is inspired by science fiction, horror, fantasy and the creatures they see in the movies or on television, they will love SPFX KIDS!

Founded in 2018 by celebrity make-up artist Misty Fox - SPFX Kids teaches children aged 9 -13 years, the trade and art of special effects make-up. All of our instructors are industry professionals, our environment encourages creativity, kindness and fun. We invite kids to use their hands and their imaginations to create. Our guided workshops show them how to produce what the industry calls "out of kit effects"

We teach bruises, fresh grazes, scarwax cuts, black eyes, broken noses, frostbite, flaky scabs, severed fingers, 3rd degree burns, infections, zombies, maggots, exposed bones, scars, bursting boils and so much more!

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