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Sneaker Customization Workshop

Custom sneakers have never been a bigger part of the conversation. The exclusivity of a one-of-one item is universally appealing, and in the context of sneakers, what was once a niche hobby is now a burgeoning market. From kids doodling on their Chuck Taylors to skaters chopping up the upper half of their Vans Caballeros, DIY customs are as old as the sneakers they are based on. Join us for an intimate day of sneaker customizing and decorating with Mack House, the central hub of sneaker creativity here at stackt market.

When you arrive to the workshop, a Mack Tech will brief you on the space and will be there for the entirety of your experience to guide you in using all the supplies & tools properly. There are five customization stations for you to explore - PREP, COLOUR, TEXTURE, ACCESSORIZE & FINISH. You will be guided on how to use all the supplies & tools, but the time you spend at each station & the tools you use are completely up to you & your creativity. The best custom sneakers are the ones that tell a story. What will your story be?

*White Air Forces 1’s will be provided courtesy of BMO


Session 1 (12pm-3pm) 5 people

Session 2 (4pm-7pm) 5 people