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Sisters is a new photo series by The Invisible Majority, on exhibition at stackt market's North Hall Gallery, powered by CryBaby Gallery from May 7 - 31.

The Invisible Majority is a project of Toronto-based photographer and mixed media artist Zahra Siddiqui. Siddiqui’s portraits, mixed media work and community activations focus on celebrating the existence of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour, 2SLGBTQ+ folks, and those who live along the margins of society.

This series focuses on two sisters, Pranavi and Whyishnave Suthagar. Pranavi and Whyishnave are Tamil artists based in Toronto. They each create impactful work using new media, light installations (Whyishnave) and make space to amplify art and workshops focused on the South Asian experience (Pranavi). They are both equally talented and have become a part of the local creative community.

Zahra reached out to photograph them in May 2021 and didn’t have intentional plans of how she was going to use the images. Over time the outcome of the photos inspired Zahra to put a spotlight on them and their existence as two brown women who walk a fine line between Tamil culture and navigating the Western World. Zahra asked them to arrive adorned in South Asian jewels, while wearing western clothes to highlight the duality of this existence.

Siddiqui first picked up the camera 10 years ago. Her work has evolved from photography to the use of mixed media and experimentation with acrylic paint, textiles and adornments as a way to create more layers of impact. Siddiqui’s goal is to evoke questions about why she focused on these groups of people, and for viewers to be conscious of those humans who add so much value to the world, but are treated as though they’re Invisible.

Open daily // 12-11PM