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Puppy Yoga (Family-Friendly)

Looking for a fun and relaxing weekend activity that's family-friendly and with PUPPIES?? Don't Miss - Puppy Yoga by Yoga Kawa This event is perfect for anyone who needs a little extra lovin' on their yoga mat. Whether you're looking for a way to calm down after a long day/week or want to relax with friends and family, this class might just what you need! Your puppy yoga class will be filled with stretches, cuddles, and kisses from some of the cutest puppies around. Puppy yoga classes provide a unique and enjoyable way to improve mental health. The presence of adorable puppies roaming from one yoga mat to the next, cuddling with participants, and playing with other puppies creates a calming atmosphere that helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Not only do puppy yoga classes help people relax, but they also offer many other benefits such as increased physical activity, improved socialization skills, and increased self-confidence. With all these benefits, it's no surprise that puppy yoga classes are becoming increasingly popular in many cities around the world. What makes this event so special? Well, first off, there are 35 minutes of enjoyable and mild yoga stretches with fluffy puppies as your assistant teacher! You'll also get 20 minutes of cuddles and kisses from the cutest puppies + 5 mins sharing circle to absorb how the puppies make exceptional buddies. Take note: Kids 5+ are welcome! Anyone under the age of 18 must attend with a parent or guardian. Any adults coming with children under 18 must help encourage the young children to participate in the class and in the careful handling of the young puppies.