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Oleos & Canvas

Oleos & Canvas serves as a contemporary art gallery dedicated to showcasing the work of 25 diverse Cuban artists, including both established and emerging talents. Our gallery's mission is to provide Canadians with an authentic and multifaceted view of contemporary Cuban art that transcends traditional representations of the island catered to tourists. This diversity of artists and styles aligns perfectly with our goal of educating Canadians about the vibrant world of Cuban art.

While visiting Cuba, tourists often encounter art depicting familiar motifs like old Havana, vintage cars, cigars, and countryside landscapes. These pieces, though visually appealing, only scratch the surface of Cuba's rich artistic landscape. It's worth noting that Cuban art, particularly post-1944, has garnered significant attention in the art collecting world, often fetching prices in the millions and setting record highs. This context underscores the importance of our mission in preserving and promoting the legacy of our artists.

At Oleos & Canvas, our ultimate aspiration is to contribute to the establishment of a new Cuban Vanguard within the global art scene. The term "Cuban Vanguard" refers to a contemporary art movement or a group of artists who are at the forefront of innovation and creativity in the art world, By representing exceptional artists, many of whom are graduates of the esteemed San Alejandro Academy or self-taught painters of exceptional quality, we provide our patrons with the opportunity to invest in the highest quality of art. These pieces will appreciate in value over time, ensuring that our patrons are making a valuable and lasting investment in the world of contemporary Cuban art.


Zaida del Rio (b. 1954, Guadalupe, Las Villas, Cuba) is one of Cuba's most respected living female artists today. Her works establish a link between the human body as a landscape and nature. She draws inspiration from her intense connection with mother nature to create a imaginary world where plants and trees merge with human figures that are characterized by their innate femininity. By applying abstraction, del Rio uses a visual vocabulary that addresses spirituality and hedonism. Del Rio received her diploma in Fine Art from National School of Fine Arts in Havana, Cuba, a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Superior Institute of Art in Havana, Cuba, and a Master in Fine Arts from the Ecole de Beaux in Paris, France.

Juan Brouwer is an abstract painter that has helped define the Cuban contemporary art scene. He has been creating over 22 years and is a graduate from the San Alejandro Academy of Fine Art. Abstraction has always been Brouwer’s main focus, both before and after his time at the San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts. This was mostly due to how he perceives the world, and he always knew that it was different from his contemporaries. Being the son of the composed Leo Brouwer, and born into a musically affined family, Brouwer broke the chains of his heritage by choosing to be a painter. Defying everyone’s expectation he has become a powerhouse in the world of Cuban Abstraction. His art is an exploration of what is a turbulent life and its challenges, observed through a creative social point of view.

Dany Lopez is a self-taught conceptual painter who due to outstanding talent was able to join the Fund of Cultural Goods and become a registered painter, something that happens very rarely. During his formation, he was trained by Diego Torres and Arturo Montoto.