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Nuit Blanche

Nuit Blanche, Toronto’s free all-night celebration of contemporary art, returns October 1 + features works by over 150 artists with locations all across the city from Etobicoke to downtown, North York to Scarborough.

This year’s theme “The Space between Us”, invites artists to build bridges between
cultures, communities + the environment, transforming the city with stories about
their connection to place.

stackt will be hosting two independent projects as part of Nuit Blanche to celebrate the start of Art Month + a multitude of other projects and experiences.


by Maziar Ghaderi
LOCATION: South Lawn
Curated by award-winning multimedia artist Maziar Ghaderi the live exhibitions pay homage to refugees worldwide similar to his own experience coming to Canada. From the shooting down of Flight 752 ISIL's brutality in Iraq/Syria the fall of Kabul to the Taliban and Putin's invasion of Ukraine displaced populations seeking refuge have reached a tipping point. Ghaderi came to Canada as a refugee during the Iran-Iraq war at the tender age of 5 which is why the plight of refugees is central to this project. Tonight is a night (and a morning) in modest observation of the families around the world that don't have the privileges that remain invisible to many Canadians today. FUGEE is also a celebration of the Freedom of Expression and Right to Dissent that Canada holds dear and the artistic accomplishments and cultural contributions that refugees and newcomer Canadians have made to our urban life.

by Jolene Melissa Officinalis
LOCATION: Solarium
This exhibition will focus on the importance of collaboration and the visceral experience of storytelling. This installation will share a story about the importance of women occupying space; as feminists, as mothers, as grandmothers, as ancestors, as artists, as healers and as the evolution of modern society. Women create life, are carriers of life and bear the waters of life to carry humanity forward as our ancestors have to bring us to this moment in time. Each piece will bring a lens through botanically dyed textiles which connect back directly to our landscape and the earth we occupy.

ARMOUR WE WEAR by Alysse Glick, Shane Winrow + Jared Olsever
Through photography, digital illustration and poetry, the artists explore the complex relationship with our bodies and minds, and the protective or strengthening armour we wear daily to guard our emotions and our physical being.

Brain Blots is a Toronto-based project that intersects neurotechnology with interactive computer graphic art to evolve the next wave of touchless technologies driven by brain health directly. Powered by EEG technology, the BrainBlot's pixels draw a unique rorschach-inspired inkblot straight from your brainwaves.

LOCATION: North Hall Gallery
Pen plotting is a technique of converting digital data into physical movement using a plotter (a device that converts and outputs vector data) and drawing on paper with pencils, ballpoint pens, brushes, etc. When a line of code is physically drawn on paper physical factors such as friction, gravity and humidity can affect the output and the final look of the composition. Artist CEK uses this particular technique to draw geometrical compositions and his mesmerizing process can be appreciated live for Nuit Blanche at stackt.

A LONGER STORY by Lauren Pirie, Emma Chorostecki, P.A. Pax + Natalie Boustead
LOCATION: South Lawn
A Longer Story incorporates a programmed LED lighting system installed internally within the soft sculpture, garden beds + sculptural planters. At sundown, the forms will begin to glow, a metaphorical effect of the energy harnessed by its connection to the more-than-human natural world.

by Elicser Elliott
LOCATION: 2-106 + Marketplace
Elicser's artwork articulates the community’s soul, creates points of connection + is a core driver of dynamic exchanges flowing from his work. The mural is a collage of soft characters + organic shapes, emphasizing those who build the true warmth in any community, those who create that love story + heart in any city: its people.

FOR THE LOVE OF DOG by Jack Jackson
Jack Jackson's award-winning dog photography combines his love of the outdoors with an ability to capture dogs in moments of pure unadulterated joy. ‘Don’t You Want Me’ reveals the bond between queer + trans people + their rescue dogs, cultivating empathy, understanding + admiration through photography + storytelling.