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LinkedIn Headshot Services

They say many people invest hours into creating the perfect LinkedIn profile, listing every award they’ve won and scouring the thesaurus looking to find the right verbs to describe their work experience. Yet, many spend little time thinking about their profile picture. Maybe it’s a cool candid photo someone took with a smartphone. Or maybe, it’s an outdated professional head shot that was taken for another job. Either way, people often always use what they have on-hand without laboring too much over the impact that photo might have.

Whether you’re establishing a personal brand or just looking to update your professional social media presence, join us for a private photoshoot studio session provided by Pixel8. Attendees will have the chance to pick between a white, deep red, or navy backdrop for their headshot. In addition, attendees will be personally emailed 2-3 digitally retouched pictures from their shoot.

Please email ahmad.younes@bmo.com with your desired backdrop colour.

*Based on your backdrop colour of choice, we will reach out to you to coordinate a time slot between 12pm-4pm. Each attendee is allotted 5 minutes in front of the camera