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Light of Day

Project Description:

Cities are a mirror, reflecting the solitary wanderings of the soul and the collective yearnings of generations past and those yet to come.

Here is a love letter to the city of infinite stories, a testament to the harmonious interplay between the tangible and the intangible. It is an ode to the delicate dance between shadows and light, heartache and joy, solitude and connection.

Ongoing chat conversation is projected on the opposite side of a two-way mirror, also functions as a selfie mirror. The viewer is able to join the conversation projected by scanning a QR code. Live responses from previous visitors and current viewer. A short film projected from a super 8 projector. Background music, mixed with short story audio recording.

Artist: Sadiq Awosanmi

Lagos London Toronto, Sadiq is an artist at the intersection of today and tomorrow. As a human in search of moments, he began his creative journey experimenting in short films, hardware engineering, and digital experiences both acknowledging and disregarding the boundaries of each. Eventually, his curiosity allowed him to find film photography, a tool that has allowed him to distill his emotions into a visual language.

Blessed with a particular eye for beauty and chaos, Sadiq set out to explore and examine Toronto as an environment that was growing, changing, and shaping culture symbiotically alongside his own coming-of-age. Naturally, black and white film paired with a rangefinder camera became a loyal companion to shape the stories he chased and hopes we all remember. Now it is rare to find Sadiq without his camera on his person, and in this way, it has become an extension of himself. If you see him, say hello.