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Kinetic Layers

This part of the installation delves into the visual phenomenon known as the Moiré effect. Two rotating shelves will feature transparent sheets with printed lines, placed over solid drawings. As the shelves rotate, the Moiré patterns will emerge, creating a captivating visual experience.

Written Motion

The second half of the installation focuses on the art of pen plotting and the beauty of the written word. Two screens will be set up: one displaying a pen plotter creating intricate designs on the sand of mini zen gardens, and the other showing timelapses of poems being written by a pen plotter. To make the experience more interactive, a smaller plotter will be present to print poems live, allowing visitors to take home a tangible piece of the exhibition.

Artist: CEK

CEK, a graduate from Italy’s University of Udine, relocated to Toronto in 2011 to advance his career in architecture. His early work in the city was influenced by Minimalism, blending concrete designs with elements of sculpture. More recently, CEK has turned his creative attention to the pen plotter. This tool has allowed him to extend his love for geometric design into a new medium, where he crafts complex line compositions as a natural progression of his earlier work