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‘Loom’ responds to concepts of fragmentation, entanglement and impermanence as intrinsic conditions of urban experience. Compiled from a multitude of intersecting conditions, encounters and perspectives, the urban experience has become analogous with concepts of weaving and textile production, with the term ‘urban fabric’ becoming commonplace. Converting this visually rich urban vernacular into a spatial experience, ‘Loom’ plays with concepts of interweaving in both a metaphorical and material way.

Aesthetically echoing the configuration of a loom, sheer ribbon weaves around a scaffolding structure. Rich in both its structural affordances and connotations as a ubiquitous material marker of urban change and transformation, the scaffold acts as a self-contained skeletal frame, holding together an intricate pattern of interwoven ribbon on which a combination of continuously changing text and images are projected. Acting like a fragmented projection surface, the ribbon dissects and displays the projection across various depths of field. As points of intersection, the fractured images and text are momentarily assembled along a flat plane, rendering them temporarily legible. This act of fleeting consolidation plays into larger concepts of urban life as a continuous series of dispersion and convergence; a compilation of many different parts held together momentarily.