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Project Description:

Portraits projection mapped onto inflatable spheres compel audiences to confront the ramifications of systemic racism within AI technology.

CYBERNETIC 3.0 represents the final installment of the CYBERNETICS series, which delves into the relationship between human-computer (race and technology) interaction through the engagement of projection mapping art, inflatable sculptures and Artificial Intelligence (AI). After a year of experimenting with various prompts to generate AI art, artist Joy mustered the courage to prompt the machine to create a "Portrait of an African Person." To the artist’s surprise, all of the resulting images resembled mugshots. This revelation demonstrated that even an impartial, unfiltered generative machine could clearly showcase systemic racism. This can be traced back to those who constructed the machine learning networks and the references available for them to highlight, influenced by their subconscious racial bias. As a result of examining the history and current production process of Artificial Intelligence, Joy created this project as a creative method of studying and understanding the capitalist colonial system, which inherently discriminates against minorities.

Artist: Joy