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BMO stackt: Grow For Life

In this workshop, participants will be guided through a step-by-step design process in order to gain a competitive advantage while making a positive impact. Participants will develop a new product or service innovation that will create value for their business and key stakeholders by considering social & environmental dimensions.

New business innovations that have positive social and environmental impacts, designed in the right way, can lead to increased revenue and competitive advantage.

This Two part Virtual hands on workshop intends to introduce business decision-makers to:

Methods that explore and leverage key relationships through an experiential collaborative process to co-create value.

Use the Sustainable Development Goals framework to unleash creativity where participants focus directly on their enterprise.

Discover purpose-driven revenue-generating opportunities for your business through specific innovation ideas.

Gain clarity about your business purpose, and how that can empower your brand to attract and retain customers and other key stakeholders.


This workshop involves collaboration and brainstorming - we recommend inviting one or two stakeholders: a business partner, a customer, an employee, a supplier, etc. Please ensure that each of the identified participants register for their own ticket to access the event from their own computer.

Thinking outside the box and creating shared-value requires collaboration and diverse perspectives!