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30 Ways to Leave Your Plastics

This unique collaborative session explores how to do your part in a challenge that seems too big to tackle.

It’s true that your few shopping bags make little difference – but the power of numbers, persuasion, (real) progress, and, mostly importantly, the power of perception can make the difference that’s needed. We’ll list the well-known personal changes you can make (asking why they’re hard to stick to!), look at some innovative social and technological approaches you may not have heard of yet, and learn how the idea of “externalities” deeply influences our day-to-day decisions. Includes a resource list and a take-away.

Real change is difficult – and energizing! Join us for an inspiring hour that will put your hands on the control stick.


6:00 pm - Arrive/Introductions

6:30 pm - Start

7:30 pm - Wrap up

Networking till 8:00 pm

We'll have healthy snacks and a beverage on hand. Bring your own reusable cup if you can!