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100 Years Collective x KCSF

This multimedia exhibition, titled “REPLY 2000: Family, Diaspora, Mental Health, and KPOP,” (otherwise shortened as 'REPLY 2000') aims to educate Canadians on the transnational impact of the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis (otherwise known as the “IMF Crisis”) on the lives, identities, and experiences of diasporic Koreans in Canada, thereby increasing the intersectional knowledge of Asian Canadians. The “IMF Crisis” shaped not only the roots of a large part of the Korean Canadian community today but numerous nations across East and Southeast Asia, influencing aspects such as family systems, migration, mental health, and globalized popular culture. By offering an engaging and multi-sensory exhibit that provides educational resources and the space to discuss a lesser-known, yet important event in the history and memory of Asians in Canada, we aim to fill in the knowledge gaps about the intersections between migration pathways, economic inequality, and racialized experiences of Asian Canadians.

This exhibit will take place during Asian Heritage Month (AHM) 2024 and include:
1. A multimedia exhibition demonstrating the cultural impact of the IMF crisis on the Korean Canadian community and the global diaspora. The exhibition will be housed in downtown Toronto during AHM and the materials will be transitioned to a more permanent venue for the remainder of the year (likely the Korean Canadian Cultural Centre of Metropolitan Toronto in North York). We expect approximately 500 attendees including high-school and post-
secondary students.
2. An exhibit opening night, encompassing a screening and art performance(s) that demonstrate creative memory work and multifaceted approaches to the IMF crisis. We aim to host around 100 attendees.
3. A post-exhibition zine that records the archival, textual, and media work to serve as a resource for the community. We plan to house this digitized resource on KCSF’s website, making it freely available as an educational resource for the public.

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The 100 Years Collective is a grassroots collective of Korean diaspora youth originally based on the territory of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations in Vancouver, Canada. They came together in March 2019 to organize an intergenerational community dialogue on the centennial of the March 1 Movement. Since then, the Collective has continued to organize projects about what it means to be Korean in Canada, drawing from feminist, queer, and anti-colonial perspectives.

The Korean Canadian Scholarship Foundation (KCSF), established in 1978, is dedicated to helping students reach their full potential and become strong and inclusive leaders in society. The mission of KCSF is to foster the growth of Korean Canadian youths through leadership development, career-related mentorship, and financial support while collaborating with other community organizations and professionals to shape more inclusive local and global communities. KCSF aims to provide the education, skills, and opportunities that enable our youths to learn, grow, and succeed - reaching and redefining new limits of potential as local and global leaders.